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805 14th Street, Golden CO 80401

The studio is on the SouthWest corner of Washington and 14th - across the street from the Table Mountain Inn Hotel. 

Enter the studio from the PARKING LOT IN BACK.

If you're coming for a private session you can park in that back lot, right by the studio entrance. If you're coming for class please do not park in the back lot.

You may also use the 14th street entrance, which is a few doors to the right of the coffee shop entrance. This is great when it's snowy so you don't have to walk around back.

Studio Location

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Auto Immune Success Stories

Got Pain? Feel Fatigued? Or Just Dull...

When your body is out of whack you feel horrible...

Yoga therapy (simple exercises) and Rolf Integration (bodywork) get great results fixing pain and restoring energy because they rebalance...

...the WHOLE body.

Over time bodies get crooked and stiff.

Joints get compressed and our muscles become tense or weak. 

The body gets stuck in these patterns and eventually breaks.

Fix Pain, Restore Energy & Improve Fitness 

Specializing in: 

  • Chronic Pain 
  • Auto Immune Recovery 
  • Personalized Fitness

But Guess What...

You can open your body back up and make it straighter which fixes pain at it's root ...

With very little effort.

The key to staying safe is knowing which positions to practice, how to modify them so they're easy, and how to do them correctly. When you know what to do, you don't have to do much of it, to get amazing results. 

 with Yoga Therapy & Rolf Integration in Golden, CO

Work With Me

I helped a 79 year old grandfather fix chronic back pain he'd had for 10 years.

I helped an ultra-marathoner who could only run 3 miles completely fix his knee pain and get back to his game.

I helped a client with Lupus get into remission and stay there for 20 years.

And I'd love to help you too!

Call or email now to schedule a free chat about your current body goals. 

Yoga Therapy For Pain

Learn exercises that release deep fatigue and tension while supporting the physiological systems of the body. My clients with auto immune issues credit these yoga protocols to getting their energy back, getting out of pain, and even getting in and staying in remission. 

Yoga Therapy For Auto-Immune Recovery

Bodywork that literally improves posture... experience firsthand the "ten session series" that makes lasting improvements to the long held imbalances that make the body crooked and stiff. Repairing bad alignment fixes and prevents pain and let's the body move more easily. 

Rolf Integration To Repair Your Alignment

Erik W Golden, CO

Better alignment after the "ten session series" as proven in these "before and after" pictures:



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Contact Me  

Schedule a call or book a session now

Contact Me  

Schedule a call or schedule a session now

Pain Success Stories

Jane, Mykeila and Laura